BUY NOW Free Electricity for FOREVER !! – Get Pure Sinusoidal 220 VAC output from 330 Watt SOLAR Panel



Need of AC Panel?

·         In conventional method solar panels only gives DC output voltage

·         In conventional system Grid-tied inverter directly feeds power to mains, they cannot provide stand-alone mains power supply

·         In conventional Grid-tied system to generate mains supply, one need to connect multiple panels in series combination, single panel cannot provide mains supply.

·         Conventional Grid-tied system is costly, its require lot space to install.


AC Panel –

Easy Power AC Panel is an Electric Generator that connects directly to a Solar Panel and provides 230V pure sine-wave AC output to run all your household appliances. No fuel, no batteries, and no mains power required!

Anyone can install  AC Panel in less than 2 minutes. All you need to do is connect two MC4 connectors from the Solar Panel to the AC Panel, and you are ready to go!

Easy Power AC Panel is the only true Solar Inverter that works without battery. It is inexpensive, efficient, and maintenance-free. With one 330W Solar Panel +  AC Panel, you get a complete 330W Solar System under INR 13000.

Easy Power AC Panel does not need mains supply; so it can even be in used in remote locations, where there are no mains supply. However, the AC Panel does have provision to use the mains supply where it is available. When mains supply is connected, the AC Module works in a Grid-interactive mode: it draws maximum power from the Solar Panel; but when it needs more power, it draws power from the mains. This reduces the power consumption from mains, and saves precious electricity.


Technical Specifications:

1.            Input Voltage – 330 Watt PV Panel

2.            Output Voltage – 230 VAC / 50 HZ Sine Wave

3.            Output Power – 250-watt maximum

4.            Grid Support – 250-watt maximum

5.            Size – 210 L x 150 W x 80 H in mm

6.            Weight – 2.2 KG


AC Panel types

1.    ACM330 – AC Panel without mains support

2.    ACM330WM – AC Panel with mains support

3.    ACM330WMAS – AC Panel with mains support and automatic switchover


Advantage and Applications:


·         Free AC supply similar to mains supply (230 VAC/50 Hz – sinusoidal)

·         Very much useful in remote areas

·         Compatible with all devices which requires mains power supply

·         It is portable (plug and play) device, can be easily transfer

·         Zero maintenance, low cost

·         Easily mountable on any rooftop

·         No permission required from Mains distributor companies

·         Can connected with battery and use as inverter when there is no sunlight

·         No Voltage or current spikes from AC output which prevents output load from damage. 


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